KNP Example B

Example B Train Game

There is nothing like going over information to really help it become clear. With this in mind, here is another example of using Klik and Play, more complicated than the last. Follow the steps in KNP and see how much you learn!

When you have done this you are ready for Lesson 10

First, run Klik & Play

KNP Splash Screen

Select Create a Game

Right Click over Frame 1 Level and select goto level editor

    Storyboard Editor

Select the "45- Various Vehicles" library

TrainClick on the "Train" and place it on the level. (Put the train towards the bottom left of the screen)

Right click on the character and select Movement, then Select Movement

Choose a Movement

Select Race Car (from the Choose a movement screen)

Click the OK

Go to the Tools, button and select timer.


Select the timer display as "Numbers"

Create a New Counter Object

Click the OK button twice and then place the timer on the screen.

Go to the Game Menu and select Event Editor.

    New Condition

Create a new "Timer" event, by double clicking on the clock object.

Select the "Every" menu item

    Select 'Every' Meny Item

Select every "1 second"

Select Every 'One Second'

Put a tick in the column which lines up with the stopwatch and the "Every 01’00"

Create a new action which "adds 1" to the counter.

Change the events so that when the train leaves the play area to the top, left, right and bottom, the train "Bounces"

Go back to the level editor.

Select the "33-Lasers" library and make a track by placing "laser beams" and other objects on the screen.

    Select Library

Go back to the event editor and set an event so that when there is a collision between the train and the laser, the train Bounces

Compare Direction of Train

Go back to the level editor and Add another counter object.

Select the "05-Possessions" and place a "Pen" on the page. This will be our finish line.

Go back to the event editor

Create a New condition, so that when the Train is in the "Direction" of "0"

Create New Condition


Double click on the new event (eg 8 in the picture to the side)

Select the Insert

Add to this the when the Train has a collision with the Pen

Put a tick in this event where it lines up with our new counter.

Add to the counter the value of 1. (This means every time the line is crossed this number will increase)

Add a new condition, that checks to see when the counter is greater than 5

For this condition, get it to go to the next level.

Design the next level.

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