KNP Example C


..err... as we have said... there is nothing like going over information to really help it become clear. With this in mind, here is yet another example of using Klik and Play, more complicated than any that has been done so far. Follow the steps in KNP and see how much you learn!

When you have finished this you are ready for Lesson 11.

1. Run Klik & Play

2. Select Create a Game.

KNP Splash Screen

3. Right Click over Frame 1 Level and select goto level editor

Platform Movement Setup

4. Select the "People" library

Select Peoples Library

5. Click on a character and place them on the level. (Put the character towards the bottom left of the screen)

6. Right click on the character and select Movement, then Select Movement

7. Select Platform (from the Choose a movement screen)

Select Patform

8. Make the "Jump Strength" a bit stronger


Platform Movement Setup

9. Go to the Game Menu and select Event Editor.


Event Editor

10. Set the Events so that when your character leaves the play area on the bottom, the character will bounce.

11. Go back to the level editor.

12. Select the "02- Building blocks" library and select title roof icon. Place the titled roof on the screen so as to make platforms which your character can jump onto.

Building Blocks Library

13. Right click over the titled roof objects and select obstacle, and then tick the option which says platform. Do this for all the roof objects.

14. Go to the Game menu and select Play level as finished. You should be able to jump on the objects.

15. Go back to the Level Editor, & place an object in the top right hand corner. This will be the goal of the level. (It might be money, or a person to save, or any other object)

16. Go to the Event Editor, Set an event so that when the Character "collides" with this object, the game goes to the next level. This is done by :

a. Click on the "New Condition"

b. Double click on your character

c. Select Collisions then Active Object


Select Collisions


d. Select the Object

Select Object

E. Create a new Storyboard control event. (Put a tick in the box shown below)

Create New Storyboard Control Event

F. Select the action as "Next Frame"

17. Go to the Game Menu and Select "Storyboard" and create the next level.

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