Grids and Sketches

Dragon 04


Now you know a number of things about your game: 

...why you are building it, who the audience is, what will be in the game (i.e., the content), and how the whole thing is structured. You are now ready to work on the visual design, which is often the most satisfying aspect of game design.

The goal of this lesson is to take the game's structure and map it onto the visual design. These design sketches will establish a general look and feel. 

Step 1: Design Sketches

To get started, take the game structure listing and make a list of all the possible page types.  Review the content inventory, then try coming up with only two or three background types. 

Break out your sketch pad or favourite graphics program. Create a rectangle representing the page and develop some design sketches to establish the look and feel of the game. The sketches don't necessarily need to represent structure or organization. 

You have now completed the steps in shaping the information architecture for your game! You have all the materials you need to construct a prototype, and everything else should fall into place. 

Ta-dah! You have completed all that is involved in designing a game. These same principles can be applied to designing any multimedia or graphics-based construction. 

Hey presto...a design!

You are ready for Lesson 16


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