Society and Information Technology Core Questions

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These questions are provided as examples questions only. Students should be encouraged to develop their own wherever possible.

Module 1: Time Continuity and Change

What changes to the continuity of life in the Asia-Pacific region can be attributed directly to the advent of IT growth AND how did these developments create change and what types of changes occurred?

Who has contributed to the growth of social change created by Information Technology Systems? What contributions have been made and by which individuals or groups in either  Australian or Asian settings?

What values are important to include when considering the contribution that IT has made to the the way society is structured?

In what ways have gender roles influenced how Information technology has been used?

How has the decisions or behaviour of people in the past influenced the types of information technology systems we see today?


Module 2: Systems, Resources and Power

Students may address a question that arises from one of the three scenarios. However these are additional / alternative questions.

What relationships exist between global economic and ecological systems? How does IT affect this? 

Are productivity and working conditions in industry and business secure when they rest on the availability of Information Technology systems? What problems exist in this scenario and how can they be addressed?

Is Australia’s role in future global economies or environments reliant on a strong Information technology infrastructure?

What reforms to an economic, political or legal systems have had to be introduced as a consequence of the introduction of a reliance on Information Technology? What implications are there in this?

Level 6 Culture and Identity

In what ways does Information Technology inhibit or promote cultural diversity?

How are our perceptions of cultures changed through information technology? What do you think of this? How can it be improved or changed?

How can communities moderate the effects of globalisation

What specific instances of cultural change resulting from government legislation or policies can you describe and how did they impact on differing cultural groups?

What are the effects of Information Technology on the social construction of gender?

Level 6 Place and Space

How is information technology managed by our government? What social implications does this have? What is your vision for an ideal relationship between the government and the people on this issue?

Can Information technology change our landscape (social or environmental) for the worse? How might this happen? How can it be avoided? What is your vision for the human environment landscape?

How does Information Technology impact upon environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region? What is your vision for this region?

In what ways does Information Technology impact upon environmental action and research or on your own environment? What is your vision for the ideal uses of Information Technologies?

How has Information technology created human change? What is your vision for the ideal relationship between people and Information Technology systems?

In what ways would Information technology systems affect peace and sustainability? Can you describe your vision of a world where values are linked to peace and sustainability? 

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