Witches and Labourers

There are three links below, each of which will jump you down the page to a box with a set of questions. The first two boxes include a link to a new site. In the last box there some BIG questions which requires analysis of what you have already read. Have Fun! 


1..Wicked.Witches.or.Wronged.Women?  2..Labouring.Ladies.or.a.Lazy.Lot?  3..BIG.Questions



  • The Killing of Witches - Some women were able to achieve power or at least some form of liberty during the medieval period, but for others... ahhh,  the medieval period is infamous as the period of the witch burnings. But was it just the medieval period? This site lists incidents relating to witchcraft accusations. Bear in mind that this is definitely not all of them. Of those that are listed, some were perhaps guilty. (Do you think witchcraft is a crime?) Most were probably innocent of 'witchcraft' or at least 'Christian'. A few were 'Satanist's', but most were not. Some were just senile. Or too ugly. Or too pretty. Or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Explore the life of women and witches.


  • When is the last woman 'witch' recorded as burned. What does this tell you about the medieval period?




  • The Women Left Behind - The effect of the Crusades on women left behind to fend for themselves was dramatic. The absence of a husband, son or guardian could be as long as 10 years!  Learn about the lives of 'the women left behind'!

  • Read about what life was like for women left behind while men went to the crusades, and then answer the following questions. What issues did theses women face? Were they better off when men returned? Why? Why not?

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 Here are the questions.

You will have read a little about witches and waiting women...

If the medieval period meant different things to different women, then:.

1 In what ways have women's lives changed since the medieval period? 

2 In what ways are women's lives similar to what they were in the medieval period? 

3 What does this tell you about the medieval period?


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