Yin Yang Lesson Plan

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Component Time Teacher Activity Student Activity
Introduction 5 min a)       Inform students of the purpose of this task. They will be exploring a number of intranet-based readings, related to the experiences of women during the Middle Ages. Each reading includes a question or two, which must be answered as part of the exploration process. Cumulatively, these questions and answers should broaden students understanding of the divergence in experience that is typical within this (or any) period. Direct students to collate answers as they read.  This can be done in part by cutting and pasting into word. Write down task objective. Formal opportunity for questions if required.
Log On 5 Min

1)       Assist students with the log-on process and ensure that all have successful connection

2)       Direct students to start page

Marvellous Medieval Matriarchs



1)       Log on to computer

2)       Open Browser

3)       Open start page

4)       Read instructions


Intranet Search Part A 25 Min

1)       Provide clarification of instructions to ensure all students understand the task

2)       Direct students to begin exploration

3)       Supervise exploration to ensure students remain on task

4)       Provide clarification and explanation on a personal level as required



1)       Surf to first link

2)       Read and take notes

3)       Continue process to develop material for your assignment

Note: It is possible for students to collect notes by cutting and pasting

Intranet Search Part B 20 Min 1)       Students may have developed answers as they read, however this is a utopian hope. Some will be floundering. While observing and supporting students during the last twenty-five minutes, the reality of lab based web-work is that students frequently have technical problems that are time consuming to repair. The lesson will be formally (but temporarily) halted at this stage so that those who have not yet begun to develop answers can express why they are having difficulties and have solutions provided, preferably by class peers, but if not, then by teacher input.

1)       Opportunity for discussion of process

2)       Complete answers to questions


Conclusion 15 Min

Call a halt to process and request students to close down their browser but not log off. Students should leave their computers on however so they can read from their word documents. Facilitate class discussion on results, paying particular attention to conceptualisations related to lesson objective.


It is envisaged that in the following lesson more discussion will occur. 


Participate in class discussion about your results and about your thoughts on this process.



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