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Stories of the Dreaming

Stories of the Dreaming is a collaboration between Australia's Cultural Network (through the Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts) and the Australian Museum. The stories come from the cultures of Indigenous Australians and have been collected from all over Australia. They reflect an essential part of the life of Indigenous Australians. 


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission is Australia's main Indigenous agency. ATSIC's site is an important international resource for information on Indigenous programs, activities and issues.

Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre

The above link goes to the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre. On the home page is a welcome message as well as several links to culture, didgeridoo, the art gallery and other relevant sites. The Culture link is mainly about Aboriginal Art. It focuses on the Pwerte Marnte Marnte Aboriginal Corporation Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery. The Southern Arrernte Aboriginal tribal group have owned and operated the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre in Alice Springs since 1995.

The Culture section links to a number of other sections, including: 

History of the Southern Arrernte Family / Community Group 

  • Includes maps and photos with short summaries, describing the 6 Arrernte sub-groups, further family divisions, and their estates. Located here is a timeline of Aboriginal history dating from 40,000 years ago to 1993. This timeline has short summaries of what happened in each period of time, for example: the Dream-time, the Overland telegraph line, (connecting Darwin to Adelaide), Conflicts between aboriginals and white settlers, the "Aboriginal Problem" (poverty and ill health), constitutional changes ( right to vote), Land Rights, MABO/Native Title, and so on. There is information on land, community members, community vision (success at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney), economic future, social wellbeing, land/homelands, infrastructure, and political and control wellbeing. Also included at this site is a Community 5year plan outlining the goals of the Arrernte tribal group.


  • The Dreamtime incorporates the physical, human and sacred worlds. There are links to A Dreamtime chart and another more detailed summary of the Dreamtime.


  • This link shows a number of Tourism awards won by the Pwerte Marnte Marnte Aboriginal Corporation. It also details the Aboriginal desert discovery tours.

Aboriginal Art - The didgeridoo

From this site you can obtain information

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

AIATSIS is an independent Commonwealth Government statutory authority devoted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. It is Australia's premier institution for information about the cultures and lifestyles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. AIATSIS is governed by a Council consisting of nine members. A staff of approximately 70 people, directed by the Principal, engages in a range of activities of interest to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, scholars and the general public.

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers

OzLit’s list of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers. The site includes this disclaimer: Please note that due to the nature of indigenous writing it sometimes difficult to define whether these artists should be classified as writers, story-tellers, poets, illustrators or performers – our criteria is that their name appears as the main name on the cover of their book.

Yothu Yindi on the Web

Yothu Yindi? ...the first major Aboriginal Australian band, attracts fans from many parts of the world. Through their unique blend of Western and Aboriginal music, the band sings about their quest to unite Australians.

Aboriginal Youth Network

This is a site which encourages Aboriginal youth to use the internet to educate and support each other by sharing culture, traditions and ideas. This site has a variety of links including: email, communication, news, radio, lifestyle, events and so on.

Tjapujai Aboriginal Cultural Park, which is situated in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. This park is dedicated to presenting and preserving Authentic Aboriginal culture with the aid of technology. The park includes 5 theatres, a museum an art gallery and a traditional art camp to give visitors a glimpse of the ancient aboriginal culture. By visiting this site and obtaining a contact for the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, more information could be sent for your use.



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