Artificial Intelligence 

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AI Issues A lesson designed to assist students to develop
Philosophical Issues in AI A power Point Slide Show to accompany exploration of AI.
Hackers and Viruses This activity was originally designed for Society and Technology Studies but can easily be approached with an emphasis on studying artificial intelligence systems. Students investigate the level of interdependence society has with technology and explore technological infra-structures AI systems. 
HV Extensions Activities for the Hackers and Virus project can be developed to integrate with other curriculum goals
HV Rationale The Hackers and Virus Project is an activity in which students learn how society uses technology. How? By creating a scenario in which current technological infrastructure is threatened, students are encouraged to evaluate what aspects of their current lives are dependent upon technological infrastructures. Use the link opposite to find out more.
HV Scenarios A group of hackers known as the Independent Division of International Organisations for Tampering (IDIOT) has threatened to undermine all global network systems...and the other scenario...well, you will have to use the link opposite to find out.
HV Structure Now how best to structure this activity? Learning outcomes, assessment methods and timetabling are all discussed.
Hackers & Viruses Links Links relevant to the  impact of Technology on Society, especially in regards to security issues. 
Oz Business Computer use Just how much does Australian Business use computers? With data collected from the ABS this page explores just that.
Oz Business Internet Use Just how much does Australian Business use the Internet? With data collected from the ABS this page explores just that.

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