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Technophile City

Technophile City  Information Technology Lessons, with topics ranging from Animation to Web Evaluation.

The Time Machine

The Time Machine  History Lessons with topics ranging from Australian History to Women In History.

SOSE Index

The Tree House  Lessons and web links related to the Study of  Society and Environment (SOSE).

Lesson Index

Lessons List  Great place to browse for that Lesson you would like to run, but don't want to write.

Assessment Index

Assessment  A range of assessment instruments designed to make the evaluation process easier.

Power Point Index

Power Point  Tools for the busy teacher.

Maps Index

 Maps  E-Maps for History and SOSE studies.

Search Engine Index

Search Engines  An Index of some of the best search Engines... brrmmm... brmmm...
Web Links Index Web Links   Great links for areas ranging from Game Making to Windows Help.
Humour Index Humour  Hrrmmpphh! Now don't try to be funny.

Proforma Index

Proforma  Sometimes you want it! These proforma are related to lessons available on this web site.

Gallery Index

Gallery  Odds and sods and things that take my attention.

Soapbox Index

Soapbox   Well, we all have to let off steam sometime... ahem... cough... cough...

Games Index

Games  Make them or play them.