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This site has been developed as a free resource for educators and students, however the following conditions apply.

Written Material

You are welcome to use material from this site, but I do ask that:

a) If you intend to copy any material whole, please contact me. Normally I will accept your request and simply ask that you acknowledge the source by the usual conventions of a written acknowledgement on your site and a link back to this site.

b) If you adapt the material, please acknowledge the original source by the usual conventions of a written acknowledgement on your site and a link back to this site

Some of the written material in this web site has been advanced with the support of  contributions from others. Where that is the case, an acknowledgement can be found at the bottom of the page. If you feel like contributing to the resources held here, please contact me.

Graphics Material

There are many graphics on this site. Some I developed, but many I did not. Where I have used graphics developed by others I have received approval to use them, either generic approval from a site that hold graphics and animations, or by emailing directly to ask permission. Animations with a story-line are inevitably graphics which I have written to ask permission to use. I have not been given the right to re-distribute them, so please don't take them. Thank-you to Ann of Violet Crown Computing for the copyright graphic at the top of this page

All of the small buttons etc, are non-copyright, so feel free to help yourself. 

To assist you to collect others of your own, I have included the URL's of animation hosts on the multimedia page.

Most web site owners give generously of their time and many are willing to share their resources, if they are asked. Please take the time to contact directly and give a link back to the appropriate site wherever you can. It is networking that makes a web.


Stephen Lane