Who Am I?


Stephen Lane



Best Personal Qualities

Ahem... well... where do I start?

© image courtesy of millan.net

Worst Personal Qualities

Silly question.

I said WORST Personal Qualities

OK OK... slightly ...just slightly ...obsessive.

Previous Vocational Status

1. 10 years in community welfare services. 
2. 5 years coordinating welfare and training services. 
3. 15 years as an Educator in VET / Secondary /  Higher Ed and Corporate Training.

Current Vocational Status

Divided between lecturing; VET and corporate training; content writing and instructional design; web development and web design - through Virtual.Oz Pty Ltd.


A photo? ...ahem... how about an image in which I display my well documented characteristic of raw animal-magnetism.

Postal Address 

Castor Rd, Wavell Heights Brisbane, Queensland 4000


(61) 07 32607061