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This site has been developed to offer free resources for educators and students and is designed to support development of entertaining learning processes. Why? Because... umm... ahh... it's a philosophic thing. 
  • OzEdweb offers lessons and classroom resources such as maps and PowerPoint as well as a extensive set of links to other educational resource sites. A  number of educational tools including assessment instruments and other proforma are included to assist  teachers with the realities of lesson construction (and  to assist students to learn) through meaningful and focused, but flexible, course structures. 

  • The list of Information Technology, History and SOSE Learning Activities in OzEdweb is always growing and if you have an area you would like to see here, or if you have something developed that you would like to send me for inclusion (all work is acknowledged), please contact me. 

  • On the navigation page is an explanation of how the index and menus work. If you read this information, it may help you find anything you are after a little more quickly. I hope you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to forward your comments.