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Activity Focus

This is an activity in which students learn how society uses technology. By creating a scenario in which current technological infrastructure is threatened, students are encouraged to evaluate what aspects of their current lives are dependent upon technological infrastructures. Students must evaluate the impact of the threat and develop a plan to deal with it. This activity involves developing an understanding of what infrastructures are likely to be affected and how, and what agencies currently exist to deal with these types of threats. Students work in groups to develop a written, or multimedia, presentation in which the issues and possible solutions are provided. To link to two hypothetical scenarios click here

Extensions for Activity  

To provide a vehicle to explore the inter-connections between technology and society. A more extensive expose of objectives can be found on Extensions page. 

To link to the Extensions Page click here

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Structure of the Activity

This activity can be conducted over any period between one week and half a term, depending on how you wish to approach it. To link to a page where you will find a more extensive outline of ways to structure this activity click here



Students need to have access to the Internet, to be able to use e-mail, and use word or multimedia software, to conduct their research and complete the requirements of the unit. This site includes a list of Web Links for Internet research. To see these web links click here

You can also link to two spreadsheets and graphs which indicate 

The extent of Business Use of Computers in Australia

The extent of Business Use of Internet in Australia   

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Pre-requisite Skills

Students need to know how to use a web browser and utilise search engines, and be able to copy and paste between applications (word processing, multimedia authoring, etc) which are running concurrently. Where students have not extensively developed these skills, group work within this project can be organised in such a way as to provide teacher and peer coaching for students.


Activity Duration  

This topic includes three separate components of research, analysis, and development of a multimedia product. Dependant on how extensively it was desired to explore this subject, and how extensive the media-product was to be, duration could range from one week to approximately six weeks. Greater detail is available on the page for Structure. To link to the page on Structure click here


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