The Level Editor

 To see what the Level Editor looks like, click here

Once you have created some files, the next stage is to put stuff in them. 

This is a part of KNP where you can set up each individual frame in your game. It places you in the position of Stage Manager, determining what will or will not go into each particular scene.

The Level Editor is the most colourful part of working with KNP. Here you are the Stage Manager with an unlimited cast of characters and scenes. Your characters can be placed on your stage to play any roles in any scenes you wish.

The Level Editor is where you build each individual scene. 

When you are in the Level Editor, you will find on the side of the page is a scroll bar with many buttons on it. These are your folders which hold cast (characters) and scenes. If you click on one of these, the contents of that folder will appear at the top of your screen. Just drag and drop and Hey Presto!! You have a background and characters. The only real problem is deciding which to choose...thankfully the 5th lesson is about making choices in design... but don't go yet...there is more!

Choose a background and some characters and some stage settings.

Whenever you need it, a Help file about the Level Editor is available here

OK, now that you have done that, the next thing to do is make sure they work in the way you want them to. For that you need the Step Through Editor. To go to the Step Through Editor

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