The Event Editor

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The Event Editor is your control room for Klik and Play. New characters or other objects can be created here, but more importantly the relationships between objects can be defined. If you wish to have one object bounce off another, you can do it here. (You can do it other ways too, but lets leave confusion for later...) Don't like the timing you allocated in the Step Through Editor? Well you could go back there, but you can also do it here. Want to have a change of level because a player just scored 1,000,000,000,000,000? Get out of here...No, No, I mean... Do it here!

So what does this magical Control Centre look like? Surprisingly plain actually. 

The Event Editor may look plain, but it is powerful. You can go deeply into your game creating new components, adjusting existing components know, just fiddling. The best way to get an idea of how it works is to give it a go. Now, because it can do so many things, we will have to choose just one of them to start with. 

So, an exercise has been developed that uses the Event Editor. In this exercise I refer to a 'Train', but it doesn't matter if you use a train or use some other object on your page. The main thing is to take an object and see how you can define the actions that are applied to it, by using the Event Editor. This will be covered in more detail in Lesson 9. 

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 Whenever you need it, a Help file about the Event Editor is available here

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