Saving Your Game

To read the licence agreement  click on the thumbnail     

It is easy enough to save your game. In any page except for the Step-Through-Editor just go to the top left of the page and select File then Save.

You can also choose File then Save Game As and give it a file name of your choice.

But...what if you want to take your file away and play it? In this case you need to use the option of saving your game as a Stand-Alone-Game. If you choose this option you will be able to play your game on another computer, without needing Klik and Play. Great if you want to take it and show it off...ahem...I mean, demonstrate your work.

Choose File, then Save as a Stand-Alone-Game. A dialogue screen will come up that you should read regarding copyright and distribution which states that you cannot distribute your game for profit but you can give it away. 

Click OK and a new dialogue box will come up. You need to give your game a name, so type one in.  If you wish you can choose to Include Installer which is an option box that you must tick at the top of the current dialogue box.

To view this dialogue box, click on the thumbnail     

zzz_choose_installer.gif (25530 bytes)

When you have done all of that, click OK. 

Hey you've done it! Your can now take your game and play it on any PC, whether or not they have Klik and Play.

It is time to start doing some practical Examples to get a little practise at doing all of this.

 To go to Lesson 8 (KNP Example A) click here

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