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Pirate Steering

Providing good navigation features is a need common to game development and web site development. In gaming it is important for a player to feel that they know how to play. In a web site development it is important for a viewer to know where he / she is and how to get where they want to get to. In all multimedia development it is important to establish a visual design and a hierarchy of content. Lots of games are confusing and sites seem cluttered because the site designer failed to identify what was most important.

When thinking about the relative importance of your site's content, the issue of scale often arises: How big should each element be? Many sites make every element the same size, but this doesn't help the user figure out what's most important. You (possibly in consultation with your client, whether internal or external) need to figure out what's important: make that big and make what's less important small. Once you determine the priorities, it will be much easier to figure out where the pieces are supposed to go.

For example, the Front Door, (Home Page), should target specific areas of content. The newest, biggest stories are promoted with Flash, GIFs and blurbs at the top of the page. Flash and  animated GIF promotes the popular software download area. These approaches help users figure out what's new and what's most important.

Some common conventions of multimedia development include:

     Know when to use animations

     Establish clear naming conventions

     Use coloured table cells for changeable text. 

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