VR Lesson 2 VR TV


Time  is in black

Teacher Activities are in blue

Student Activities are in purple

Part A: Introduction 5 min

Introduce students to lesson focus on current global applications for VR.

Consider question

Direct class to write down their own perceptions of the uses of VR.

Write down response

Call on students to contribute their answers.

Contribute response

Explain that today’s lesson is on the global realities of Virtual Reality use.

Describe task (students are to explore the URL list) and:

Write down task activity

Direct students on how to complete the attached proforma

develop two questions to research in tomorrows lesson

Confirm students understand activity

Class questions

Part B: Body 25 min

Describe components of URL catalogue

VR Commercial

VR Organisations

VR Persons

VR Projects

VR Research A - J

VR Research K - R

VR Research S - Z

Give students explanation of how to link to URL list

jewelblackandred.gif (306 bytes) Explore the URL List as a research activity

Observe and support

Activity to sum up lesson

jewelblackandred.gif (306 bytes)Complete proforma and develop questions

Ask students to share their answers to general questions in the proforma in class group discussion forum

Conclusion 10 min

 Ask students to share their developed questions. Categorise by relating to genre (suggested genre available here).

Students discuss answers to proforma

Students will work in groups on the following lesson based on the category / genre of their question

Students to share questions:

Take note of the category

Take note of the category

Sum up discoveries and responses from lesson and ensure students are aware of what will follow in the following lesson

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