NB: I endeavour to keep these lists up-to-date however the web is a dynamic place. URL's that no longer function are left within this list but do not function as a hyperlink (unless you copy the URL and paste it into your browser). If you resolve any of these links (i.e. find out where that organisation is now) and would care to send me an updated URL, specifying the organisation that the URL is for, it would be most appreciated. If you have an organisation that you would like to see included in any of these VR lists, please send me details of the organisation and an appropriate URL. Address all email to:

VR Research URL List A - J 

Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Virtual Reality Group

The VR Group conducts computer science research in the areas of virtual reality (VR), human-computer interaction (HCI), computational vision, and computer music.

[Korea, Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), human-computer interaction, computer vision, computer music]

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)

ATR conducts research on advanced systems for accurate and efficient processing of information.

[Japan, multimedia communications, human-machine communication, cross-language global communication systems]

Air Force Institute of Technology's Graduate School of Engineering, Virtual Environments, 3D Medical Imaging, and Computer Graphics Laboratory

This lab researches the design and implementation of interactive environments, 3D medical imaging, and advanced distributed simulations for military and medical uses.

[United States, defense, medical applications, distributed simulations, interactive environments ]http://www.afit.af.mil/ENGgraphics/GRAPHICS.html

Synthetic BattleBridge

[United States, Air Force Institute of Technology's Graduate School of Engineering, Virtual Environments, 3D Medical Imaging, and Computer Graphics Laboratory]

Virtual Cockpit

[United States, Air Force Institute of Technology's Graduate School of Engineering, Virtual Environments, 3D Medical Imaging, and Computer Graphics Laboratory]

Aizu, University of

[Japan, 3D audio, spatialized sound, cscw (computer-supported collaborative work), groupware]
Fukushima, Japan

Alberta, University of - Computer Graphics Research Group

Developers of the MR Toolkit. The web pages also include research on Volume Rendering and Virtual Reality.

[Canada, Alberta, University of, visualization, graphics applications, rendering]

Argonne Computing and Communications Infrastructure Futures Laboratory (Futures Lab)

The Futures Lab in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division (MCS) explores next-generation computing and communications infrastructure systems. "An important goal of the Futures Lab project is to understand how to incorporate advanced display and media server systems into scientific computing environments...to create new collaborative environment technologies that combine advanced networking, virtual space technology, and high-end virtual environments..."

[United States, networks, collaborative environments, digital media, immersive displays]

Audiovisual Institute

Galeria Virtual

Part of the Audiovisual Institute in Barcelona, GALERIA VIRTUAL is a research and experimental production team, working on interdisciplinary projects which integrate contemporary art and digital audio-visual technologies, paying special attention to Virtual Reality.

[Spain, Audiovisual Institute, computer animation, spectral modeling synthesis (music), controlled image processing, collaborative projects]

Bar Code Hotel

An interactive installation for multiple participants (or guests). By covering an entire room with printed bar code symbols, an environment is created in which every surface becomes a responsive membrane, making up an immersive interface that can be used simultaneously by a number of people to control and respond to a projected real-time computer-generated stereoscopic three-dimensional world. Produced under the auspices of the Art and Visual Environments Project at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

[Canada, Banff Centre for the Arts, head-mounted display, 3D projection, Perry Hoberman]

Bath, University of

Media Technology Research Center (MTRC)

MTRC is a research group in the Computing Group at the University of Bath, focusing on animation, graphics, multimedia, sound and music, speech, virtual reality, vision and image processing.

[United Kingdom, Bath, University of, manufacturing, VMAN]

Virtual Manufacturing


Bauhaus-University at Weimar

InfAR: Virtual Reality aided architectural design

InfAR investigates use of VR for sketching, architectural design and digital space applications.

[Germany, Bauhaus-University at Weimar, virtual architecture, sketching in VR, presence research]

Berkeley - University of California

BARWAN (Bay Area Research Wireless Access Network)

[United States, Berkeley - University of California, mobile computing, mobile network support, heterogeneous wireless overlay networks, wide-area wireless data services, overlay internetwork management]

InfoPad Group

[United States, Berkeley - University of California, mobile computing, hardware, mobile network support, heterogeneous wireless overlay networks, wide-area wireless data services, overlay internetwork management]

Silicon Audition Project

Silicon audition involves implementing computational models of biological auditory processing in micropower analog VLSI circuits.

[United States, Berkeley - University of California] http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~lazzaro/siau.html

Boeing Corporation - Research and Technology

The Research and Technology organization of Boeing Computer Services investigates augmented reality applications for enhanced aircraft assembly.

[United States, augmented reality, heads up display, HUDset [heads-up, see-through, head-mounted display]]

Bradford, University of:

Graphics and Image Processing Group

The Graphics and Image Processing Group is involved in research into the use of computers for the generation andanalysis of images, including complex scientific data. The main areas of interest are deep multispectral image processing and computer animation.

[United Kingdom, Bradford, University of, deep multispectral image processing , computer animation, visualization]

British Columbia, University of

Imager and GraFiC computer graphics labs

A research group within the UBC Computer Science Department that works on computer graphics.

[Canada, British Columbia, University of, computer graphics, human-computer interaction]

MAGIC Lab: Media and Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre

A research group within the UBC Computer Science Department that focuses on human-computer interaction and multimedia.

[Canada, British Columbia, University of, multimedia, human-computer interaction, computer animation and graphics] http://www.cs.ubc.ca/nest/magic/home

Virtual Hand Laboratory

This research project is a collaboration involving Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and various industrial organizations. It is funded by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada under a three-year strategic grant.

[Canada, British Columbia, University of, 3D virtual reality, human-computer interaction, computer graphics]

Brown University Computer Graphics Group

The Computer Graphics Group at Brown University has as its mission "...to develop human-centered, powerful, and interactive 3D graphics tools for modeling, scientific visualization, telecollaboration, and interactive illustrations. The Computer Graphics Group is part of the 5 university Science and Technology Center (STC) for Graphics and Visualization.

[United States, interactive illiustration, telecollaboration, non-photorealistic rendering, time critical computing, multiprocessor virtual reality, occlusion]

VRML Research

The VRML Architecture Group investigates 3D user interfaces for use in virtual environments, in particular, interfaces for scientific visualization applications such as NASA's Virtual Windtunnel.

[United States, Brown University Computer Graphics Group, interactive 3D graphics, virtual reality modeling language]

Carnegie Mellon University

3D Stereoscopic Video Display Systems

Part of the Robotics Institute, this group investigates computers for the television set of the future, high definition flat panel display manufacturing technology, and 3D-stereoscopic display of images and graphics.

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, ARPA high definition systems, 3D stereoscopic display]

Center for Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery (MRCAS)

The Center for MRCas was formed in 1993 as a joint venture between Carnegie Mellon University and Shadyside Hospital

[surgical planning, Carnegie Mellon University, robotics, remote collaboration]

Magic Eye Project

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, computer vision , augmented reality]

OZ Project

The Oz Project is developing technology and art to help artists create high quality interactive drama, based in part on AI technologies. This especially means building believable agents in dramatically interesting micro-worlds.

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, artificial intelligence, Interactive Drama, Oz systems architecture]

Project Hippocrates (HIgh PerfOrmance Computing for Robot-AssisTEd Surgery)

"Hippocrates is a new joint effort between roboticists, computational mechanicists, and computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, and surgeons and bioengineers at Shadyside Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA. Its goal is to develop advanced planning, simulation, and execution technologies for the next generation of computer-assisted surgical robots."

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, biomechanics-based surgical simulator, surface-based registration, robot assisted surgical system]

Stage 3 Research Group

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, interface technology, 3D graphics, Alice]


A rapid prototyping system designed to be easy to learn in a short period of time, allowing the user to author desktop 3D graphics simulations, specifically concentrating on thereal-time behavior of objects. Desktop software, freely available on the web.

[United States, Stage 3 Research Group, software]

Studio for Creative Inquiry

The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry was founded in 1989 to support experimental and cross-disciplinary work in the arts.

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, biology, ecology, robotics]

Vision and Autonomous System Center (VASC)

A group within the Robotics Institute, VASC researches computer vision, autonomous navigation, virtual reality, intelligent manipulation, space robotics, and related fields.

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, computer vision, robotics, DigitEyes, Magic Eye, visual/haptic interfaces]

Z-Key Project

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, image keying, augmented reality]

Monarch (MObile Networking ARCHitectures) Project

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, protocol design, implementation, performance evaluation, usage-based validation, wireless mobile host networking, network interconnectivity]

Virtual Ancient Egypt

The Virtual Ancient Egypt application presents users with a virtual recreation of the Temple of Horus, constructed at Edfu during the New Kingdom era in ancient Egypt. Funded by Intel's Design Education and Arts (IDEA) program, the application was exhibited in networked form at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and at the Machine Culture exhibit of SIGGRAPH '93.

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, Intel, Networked Virtual Art Museum]

Wearable Computers

[United States, Carnegie Mellon University, protocol design, implementation, performance evaluation, usage-based validation, wireless mobile host networking, network interconnectivity]

ExploreNet: Java-based verison for download

United States, ExploreNet, cooperative learning, interactive environment]

Institute for Simulation and Training (IST)

IST "focuses on advancing simulation technology and increasing our understanding of simulation's role in training and education."

[United States, Central Florida, University of, simulation technology, education, training]http://www.ist.ucf.edu/

Visual Systems Laboratory (VSL) at the Institute for Simulation & Training

Located at the University of Central Florida, this laboratory explores uses of telepresence and performs research in real-time, physically-based environments.

[United States, Central Florida, University of, defense, telepresence, interactive environments]http://www.ist.ucf.edu/

ROVER - Remote audiO/Video Explorer Robot

A prototype telepresence project.

United States, Visual Systems Laboratory (VSL) at the Institute for Simulation & Training http://www.vsl.ist.ucf.edu/~rover/rover.html

Visual Testbed Group

Research and development of terrain databases for distributed interactive simulation.

[United States, Visual Systems Laboratory (VSL) at the Institute for Simulation & Training]

Visual Systems Laboratory (VSL)

VSL consists of four groups: Dynamic Environments Group, Visual Testbed Group, Virtual Environments Group, and Systems Administration Group.

[United States, Central Florida, University of, real-time physical simulations, 3D visual modeling]

Information Technology & Services Center

[United States, Central Florida, University of]

Institute of Simulation and Training

[United States, Central Florida, University of]


i3D is a freeware 3D web browser that works in cooperation with Netscape. Users can navigate inside 3D scenesusing a Spaceball or a mouse as input devices and CristalEyes LCD shutter glasses for binocular perception of the 3D world. It runs on Silicon Graphics and on DEC Alpha workstations.


Chelsea College of Art and Design

The research project began in May 1994. When the project began there had been little work done with regard to the development and adaptation of Virtual Reality technologies for artistic use. As well as doctorate level theoretical research into the subject, one of the team's major research objectives is to experiment and develop the creative potential of the medium through the production and presentation of new forms of art works.


Clemson University

Virtual Reality and Architecture

[United States, Clemson University, architecture]

Virtual Reality Project

This group focuses on development of prototype virtual reality systems for instructional use at Clemson University.

[United States, Clemson University, immersive virtual reality, head mounted display, higher education] http://chip.eng.clemson.edu/vr/

Virtual Reality and Architectureitecture

[United States, Virtual Reality Project]

Colorado School of Mines

[United States, mining, registration, computer vision, augmented reality]

Columbia University

Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab

"Research on virtual worlds is centered about the development of new metaphors for visualizing and interacting effectively with rich information spaces.

[United States, Columbia University, virtual worlds, augmented reality] http://www.cs.columbia.edu/graphics/

ARC: Augmented Reality for Construction

[United States, Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, user interface design, architecture, construction, knowledge base]

Architectural Anatomy

[United States, Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, user interface design, architecture, construction, knowledge base]

KARMA: Knowledge-based Augmented Reality for Maintenance Assistance

KARMA designs virtual worlds that explain how to operate, maintain, and repair equipment.

[United States, Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, user interface design, construction, knowledge base, 3Dgraphics]

Windows on the World - 2D Windows for 3D AR

[United States, Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, user interface design, construction, knowledge base]

Mobile Computing Lab

[United States, Columbia University, reconfigurable distributed services, low power, solid state non-volatile storage technologies (flash EEPROM), bandwidth aggregation]

Archiectural Anatomy

[United States, Columbia University]

n-Vision and AutoVisual

[United States, Columbia University, interactive visualization, multivariate problems, worlds within worlds]

Cornell University's Computer Science Department

The Department contains a number of research laboratories and projects, including CSRVL (Computer Science Robotics and Vision Laboratory) and the SimLab Modeling and Simulation Project.

TACOMA (Tromsų And COrnell Moving Agents) Project

[United States, Cornell University, electronic commerce, problem solving, operating systems, distributed systems, agents, Internet]


Learning Through Collaborative Visualization.

[United States, science education, geosciences, middle and senior high schools, atmospheric sciences]

CRC for ACSys - Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Computational Systems

A program investigating the application of virtual reality technologies to modelling and visualizing complex data sets. [Australia, ParVis, Visor, exploration and mining, defense, visualization]


DARPA Electronics Technology Office (ETO)

United States, DARPA, MicroPathfinder, 3D Computational Image Sensors, Combat Cueing (CBT-Q), Personal Inertial Navigation System (PINS), Boeing, GTE Internetworking, Northeastern University, CarnegieMellonUniversity, Motorola, Honeywell, Raytheon E-Systems, Sanders, MCNC]

Adaptive Computing Smart Modules Program

[United States, DARPA Electronics Technology Office (ETO)]

Smart Modules Program

[United States, DARPA Electronics Technology Office (ETO)]

Warfighter Visualization

The Warfighter Visualization (WV) program was started in 1997. DARPA intiated the program with the objective of creating enhanced warfighter situation awareness and decision-making ability by providing unique ways of receiving nd interacting with spatially correct, timely information in both individually served and shared environments.

[United States, DARPA Electronics Technology Office (ETO), Visually Coupled Systems, Geospatial Registration Technologies, Enhanced Human Interface Technologies]

DigitalSpace research


The mission of Biota.org is to create and deploy digital tools and environments for research and learning about living systems. Biota.org seeks to provide these tools and environments to a large audience through virtual environments on the Internet.

[United States, DigitalSpace research]


East Carolina University

Rural Eastern Carolina Health Network

[United States, East Carolina University, telemedicine]

Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory (VREL)

Based at the School of Education and Department of Library Studies and Educational Technology in East Carolina University, VREL projects include an examination of the North Carolina Competency-Based Curriculum, identifying objectives that can use virtual reality as a method or means of attainment, providing an annotated bibliography, distributing a quarterly journal, VR in the Schools, and developing a teacher/student interaction simulator.

United States, East Carolina University, Education, interactive environments, curriculum] http://eastnet.educ.ecu.edu/vr/pro.htm

Medicine Meets VR: THE BRIDGE

International forum for medicine and interactive technology to interaface and create the future of health care, focusing on virtual reality and it's enabling technologies.

[United States, East Carolina University]

Fraunhofer Institute

Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics

Fraunhofer CRCG is a non-profit computer graphics research group specializing in pre-competitive research in the areas of volume visualization, virtual environments, collaborative work tools, and user interface design.

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute, visualization, collaborative work tools, user interface design, virtual environments]

TeleInViVo project

[Germany, Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics, medical visualization, teleoperation]

Virtual Prototyping

[Germany, Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics]

Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD), Visualization and Virtual Reality Department

This department researches visualization, simulation and VR. Special emphasis is on high quality stereoscopic rendering, image generation, and visualization technology.

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute, 3D visualization, virtual design, simulation, virtual prototyping, haptic feedback , 5-sided CAVE projection]

Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), VIS-Lab: Virtual Interactive Lab

The VIS-Lab works on industrial applications of VR, including use of VR-infrastructure for presentations and fairs, construction of product graphics and animation, and presentation of computer-aided models using CAD-converters, gesture recognition (data glove), network software, audio connection, and tracker software (sensors).

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute, computer-aided design, software, data glove, virtual prototyping, Virtual Human Model]

IGD's Project Group for Augmented Reality at ZGDV

ZGDV investigates applications of augmented reality for industrial, training, interior design, plant monitoring, exterior construction and computer-guided assembly techniques.

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute, augmented reality, computer-guided assembly, mobile information visualization, visual computing]

Augmented Reality for Mechanical Maintenance and Repair

[Germany, IGD's Project Group for Augmented Reality at ZGDV, augmented reality]

CaReSs - Capture, Reconstruction and Simulation of Real World Objects

[Germany, IGD's Project Group for Augmented Reality at ZGDV, augmented reality]

VANGUARD: Visualisation Across Networks using Uncalibrated Acquisition of Real Data


IGD's Visualization and Virtual Reality - VR in Medicine

The expertise of the VR group is focused on: anatomy education, surgical training, preoperative planning, intraoperative support and prototyping

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute, Virtual Anatomy, Virtual Endoscopy, Virtual Reality Training Simulator, Preoperative Planning, Intraoperative Support]

IGD CoConut Virtual Prototyping

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute]


aim to indicate and to exploit automation and rationalization reserves in companies in order to improve or preserve the competitiveness and employment levels in the companies with new, opportune and non polluting courses of manufacturing and products.

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute]


Virtual Assembly Planning in Virtual Environments

[Germany, Fraunhofer Institute]

FZ Karlsruhe, Institut fur Angewandte Informatik

KISMET (Kinematic Simulation, Monitoring and Off-Line Programming Environment for Telerobotics)

KISMET applications include medical simulation, multibody dynamics simulation, space telerobotics, mechanical design, scientific visualization and robotics simulation, among others.

[Germany, FZ Karlsruhe, Institut fur Angewandte Informatik, 3D simulation software, surgical training, realtime volume rendering, force feedback/haptic user interfaces]

General Motors Research & Development Center

A Virtual Environment for Automotive Design

[United States, General Motors Research & Development Center]

Geneva, University of


Home of Marilyn, virtual reality, computer animation and telerobotics work


Educational Technology at TECFA (Training Technologies and Learning)

A teaching and research unit within the School of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva.

[Switzerland, Geneva, University of, MOOSEs, MacMOOSE, object browsers, text-based virtual reality, online resources, bibliographies, document indexes]

Georgia Institute of Technology: Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center

The Virtual Environments Group explores diverse uses of virtual reality

[United States, Georgia Institute of Technology, educational design]

Conceptual Design Space Project

[United States, Georgia Institute of Technology: Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center]

The Design Virtual Environment Project (DVE)

The DVE is a VR visualization tool for communicating design ideas and a teaching tool for design education.

[United States, Georgia Institute of Technology: Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center, educational design]

The Virtual Gorilla Project "Gorillas in the Bits"

An immersive education tool designed to aid in the instruction of K-12 grade students in the interactions and behaviors of gorillas.

[United States, Georgia Institute of Technology: Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center]
http://atlanta.arch.gatech.edu/city/gorilla/gortop2.html (Broken Link)

Virtual Gorilla Exhibit

The Virtual Gorilla Exhibit is being developed to explore techniques for using Virtual Reality to present information to users experientially that would otherwise be difficult for them to learn.

[United States, Georgia Institute of Technology: Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center]

Electronic Performance Support System

[United States, Georgia Institute of Technology]


[United States, Georgia Institute of Technology]

Georgia Tech

Adaptive Impedance Control for Haptic Interfaces

This group researches effective dynamics for adaptations of robots in response to changing environmental dynamics.

[United States, Georgia Tech, robotic adaptation, virtual reality, teleoperation, haptic interfaces]

Eye Surgery Simulator

A project in the Biomedical Interactive Technology Center at Georgia Tech, the Eye Surgery Simulator provides both visual and tactile feedback during a simulated eye surgery training session.

[United States, Georgia Tech, biomedical simulation]

Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU)

GVU conducts research in four major areas: Visual Computing, Interaction and Collaboration, Communication and Education and Future Technologies.

[United States, Georgia Tech, animation, virtual environments, multimedia, cognition]

Conceptual Design Space Project

[United States, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU), architecture]

Data Visualization Group

[United States, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU), realtime visualization, computational steering, multivariate analysis, atmospheric data, molecular orbit, complex three-dimensional object]

Virtual Workbench

[United States, Data Visualization Group, non-immersive, projected, tracked interaction, stereoscopic]

Virtual Environments and Real-time Deformations for Surgery Simulation

Medical College of Georgia, Modeling, Imaging and Visualization.

[United States, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU), Biomedical Imaging and Visualization]

Virtual Environments Group

The VE group explores many aspects of virtual environments, including software development, applications research, human factors and usability, technology issues, and performance.

[United States, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU), distributed virtual environments, psychological therapy, presence, immersion, navigation, software]

Spatial Sound project

[United States, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center (GVU)]

Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC)

IMTC engages in collaborative projects involving the arts and technology. The Dance Technology Project The project's charter is to find new and innovative ways to integrate technology and the arts, specifically dance. The Michael C. Carlos Museum Visitors are able to discover facts about the wide variety of cultural artifacts the Museum has to offer via manipulable 3D models, tours of ancient archaeological ruins, and a dense web of associative links between artifacts. The Virtual Conductor The Virtual Conductor Project is an exploration into the human-machine interface issues and applications involving music tempo and its control through natural gestures.

[United States, Georgia Tech, gesture-based tempo tracker, music]

Interactive Visualizer (IV) Project

The IV Project at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is "a platform used to visualize physical systems in virtual environments. It is based on a framework that supports detailed modeling of physical systems and allows visualization of relevant features of the problem under study."

[United States, Georgia Tech, engineering simulation, real-time computer animation]

Interactive Visualizer

[United States, Georgia Tech, visualization of physical systems in virtual environments, modeling, platform]

Phobia Project

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

[United States, Georgia Tech, behavioral therapy]

Simulating Human Motion

[United States, Georgia Tech]

GMD's Institute for Media Communication (IMK)


Visualization and Media Systems Design (VMSD)

[Germany, GMD's Institute for Media Communication (IMK), visualization, multimedia, FluVis/Europort, TEDIS, INASIM, VirtEye, AutoMove]

The Virtual Studio

Research is conducted on dynamic and visually complex virtual environments and innovative user-interfaces.

[Germany, Visualization and Media Systems Design (VMSD), user interfaces, interactive environments, multimedia]

VSMD: Visualization and Media Systems Design

VMSD is involved in engineering and medical applications as well as media art and culture projects.

[Germany, GMD's Institute for Media Communication (IMK), visualization, multimedia]

Virtual Studio

[Germany, VSMD: Visualization and Media Systems Design, image keying]

Grupo de Anlise de Sistemas Ambientais (GASA)

The GASA Virtual Reality Laboratory is involved with a variety of projects, including RECMUVI (Recycling in a Virtual World), Virtual GIS Room, and Coast - a Sensorial Exploration of a Coastal Ecosystem.

[Portugal, spatial information systems, computer graphics, scientific visualization]

Harvard University - Harvard Robotics Lab

The Harvard Robotics Lab studies computational vision, neural networks, tactile sensing, motion control and VLSI systems.

[United States, robotic manipulation , sensory data]

Heriot-Watt University

Virtual Manufacturing Group

Applying immersive VR to the generation of industrial assembly plans and the elicitation of expert assembly knowledge. Using the same technology the design and routing of cable harnesses is now being investigated with the recent development of a prototype system.

[United Kingdom, Heriot-Watt University, assembly planning, cable harness design]

Virtual Reality in Aerospace Training

Exploring VR's significant role in astronaut training.

[United States, Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory (VETL)



Cluny Abbey

During the 11th and 12th centuries, the Cluney Abbey was the greatest and most adorned church in Christendom. At one time it served as the "mother-abbey" of 1000 monasteries throughout Europe. In 1793 the Abbey of Cluny was demolished following the French revolution; all that stands today is the south portion of the main transept and the octagonal bell tower. The abbey's virtual reconstruction is supported technically and logistically by IBM France.

[France, IBM, IBM Risc System/6000 workstations, CATIA, HMDs]

Illinois, University of

Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)

EVL is a research facility for interactive technology and computer graphics. It investigates development of graphics hardware, software and display devices.

[United States, Illinois, University of, computer graphics, software, interactive technology]

Pablo Research Group and Virtual Reality

The Pablo Group investigates the interaction of architecture, system software, and applications on massively parallel computer systems.

[United States, Illinois, University of, sonic data representation, software, CAVE]
http://www-pablo.cs.uiuc.edu/Projects/VR/vr.html (Broken Link)

Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis

Mihran Tuceryan's WWW Page


Mobile Computing in Ambulatory Care Environments

[United States, Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, mobile hosts, base station agent, mobile transaction manager, disconnection handling, mobile transaction processing]

Industrial Virtual Reality Institute

Partners: Northwestern University, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory


Institute for Simulations and Training

Visual Systems Laboratory

The Toy Scouts

This is a group of volunteer students that utilize the equipment at the Institute for Simulations and Training Visual Systems Laboratory. The Toy Scouts is a not-for-profit organization designed to promote educational opportunities to interested individuals by exploring new technologies and developing creative new applications and concepts.

[United States, Visual Systems Laboratory, immersive virtual worlds, computer graphics, synthetic environments]

Institute of Science and Technology's Virtual Dream Laboratory

Investigating various applications of VR.

[Korea, Division of Mechanical/Control System, Flight Simulator, Human Ergonomics Evaluator, Facial Expression Composer, Shared VRML Browser]

Institute of Systems Science (ISS)


CIeMed: Center for Information-Enhanced Medicine

[Singapore, Institute of Systems Science (ISS), multimedia, artificial intelligence]

Creative Services

"The Creative Services program aims to develop tools, technology, and expertise to enhance the productivity of professionals such as content, "The Creative Services program aims to develop tools, technology, and expertise to enhance the productivity of professionals such as content

[Singapore, Institute of Systems Science (ISS), interactive multimedia, artificial intelligence, real-time video]


This project focuses on a human facial identification system.

[Singapore, Institute of Systems Science (ISS), facial recognition


Instituto Trentino di Cultura

Interactive Room Project (IRP)

This project is developing an integrated visual/acoustic system in which remotely located individuals can study and interact.

[Italy, Instituto Trentino di Cultura, visual/acoustic localization, tracking, gaze analysis, remote learning]

Instituto Trentino di Cultura

Interactive Room Project (IRP)

This project is developing an integrated visual/acoustic system in which remotely located individuals can study and interact.

[Italy, Instituto Trentino di Cultura, visual/acoustic localization, tracking, gaze analysis, remote learning]

Institut Universitari de l'Audiovisual

The Audiovisual Institute is part of the Pompeu Fabra University. It researches creative audiovisual languages and applications.

[Spain, multimedia, Galeria Virtual, digital audio-visual media, computer animation]

Interactive Discovery Learning Initiative

Develops interactive, game-like learning environments that emphasize socially responsible entertainment based on communication, collaboration, and construction.

[Singapore, National Project for Children, collaborative learning, networked entertainment]

History City

[Singapore, Interactive Discovery Learning Initiative]

Ioannina, University of: School of Education, Department of Primary Education

Ioannina, University of

EARTH: Educational Approach to viRtual reality TeacHnologies

The EARTH team works with faculty and educators on the design, development and evaluation of Virtual Learning Environments in domains such as geography and environmental education, physical and life sciences teaching.

[Greece, Ioannina, University of, EARTH Team, educational applications]

Iowa, University of - Computer Science Department

IPO Center for Research on User-System Interaction

a center for multidisciplinary scientific research on user-system interaction, focusing on the development and design of user-friendly interfaces for products, services and systems in multimedia environments.


Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC)

The Interactive Classroom Project explores use of virtual reality in an interactive educational setting, including visual-acoustic localization and tracking, videoconferencing, voice control, audio and video quality and multimedia access.

[Italy, distance education, interactive environments, virtual environments]

JASON Foundation

The JASON Project

Focuses on developing ways that enable teachers and students around the world to take part in global explorations using advanced interactive telecommunications.

[United States, JASON Foundation, telepresence, distance education]

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