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Summary of Objectives: The objectives of Activity Two are to develop literacy in regards to the establishment of e-mail accounts and use of e-mail by students, and to have them become informed of related considerations as they do so.

Considerations include their legal obligations; topical issues such as spamming, censorship, cookies and security; the ethics of appropriate use of e-mail and the demands made on networks by subscriptions to newsletters etc. Students should develop e-mail literacy and awareness of ethical protocols for e-mail use.

This activity is well placed to be incorporated into a broader program as it opens the option for communications to take up a local, regional, national or global scale. Once students have established an e-mail account the possibilities of electronic classrooms become available. Inter-school communication is a good place to start, but smaller group conferencing is a possible initial   extension of this facility. Worked into a broader program, the ability to establish and use an e-mail account becomes only the beginning of a range of research and discussion possibilities which are facilitated by electronic communication.