There are four assignments during the ITS OOPS Course. 

Assignment 1: Top Down Design 

  • This assignment involves using effective Top Down design techniques to design a simple oop game using KNP. 

  • You will be assessed on your understanding of the basic concepts of TDD and your ability to show practical implementation of these skills. Extra marks may be able to be gained by avoiding snickering or laughing.  

  • Assessment Instrument for Assignment One  

Assignment 2: Algorithms and Programming

  • Here you get the pleasure of being tested for basic algorithm and programming tasks. This only slightly torturous process is designed to assess your understanding of the principles involved in event driven programming.

Assignment 3: OOP Terminology

  • Using word matches and sentence completion exercises, this assignment assesses your familiarity with OOP terminology. Failure to complete this in a satisfactory manner will result's too scary to even write here.

  • Assessment Instrument for Assignment Three

Assignment 4: Game Design and Implementation Process

  • During the ITS OOPS project you will work in pairs / groups to develop a game using KNP and keep a log book of your process during the project. 

  • Your game development process is assessed through review of the log book and your game development is assessed on the basis of innovation, extent and standard of completion. This will be pure pleasure, which is its own reward...sigh...

  • Assessment Instrument for Assignment Four


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