Assignment 1: Top Down Design

Top Down Design

Remember: You are organised into pairs to work throughout this course, so you can share the work involved in this report project.


For this assignment task, you are asked to prepare on paper a design for a game that you will complete later in the course. You will be assessed on your understanding of the basic concepts of TDD and your ability to demonstrate your ability to implement of the skills involved by developing a practical design for an your oop game using KNP.

Duration: 35 minutes

Report Format

You should prepare your report in Word and include the following:

  • Give the name of your game and a description of its purpose.
  • Provide a list of the rules you expect  to apply to your game.
  • List the steps that are necessary  in your game.
  • Specify the number of frames you need to make to achieve this.
  • Provide an explanation of what each frame does.
  • Explain the division of labour / or roles (if any) that you expect to take to complete you project.

If you wish to look at the assessment criteria that will be applied to your work, click here


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