Information Technology Students Object Oriented Programming Studies

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Click on this picture    to download an example of  KNP in a zip file

Note: If you do not already own Klik and Play then once you have downloaded and unzipped the movie link (above), choose the 'setup.exe file' - or choose the itsoops.gam file if you already have KNP

You can download KNP from HERE (4.5 mb)

ITS OOPS is an introductory work program for Students and Teachers on Object Oriented Programming. 

This unit utilises a software program called Klik and Play (Click Teams Software) to introduce and illustrate the concepts that are central to oops and has been developed as a 30 lesson study for year 10 secondary students.

ITS OOPS Lessons  are structured to run sequentially. 

Assignments and Assessment Instruments are also available.

A more complete statement on the objectives of this unit is available in the Rationale 

I hope you enjoy this unit. Feedback, including constructive criticism, is welcome. Please feel free to send your comments to


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