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Ok, you have some files and they have backgrounds, settings and characters. 

This is done via the Step Through Editor, which is a part of KNP where you make sure that each individual frame works in the way that is was intended as far as timing goes. It places you in the position of 'Choreographer', determining whether or not the movements that characters are making are suitable and adjusting them if not, so that the timing for each scene works. 

The Step Through Editor allows you to time how long you want your scene to run. It is simple to do. Using the GoTo button at the side of the page (see the Storyboard Editor if you can't remember what this is) or by choosing from Game from the top of your screen, select the Step Through Editor.

Your scene will start playing. Click Stop when you want it to stop.


That's it! In this way you can time your scene so that it moves smoothly into whatever you want to happen next. 

Whenever you need it, a Help file on the Step Through Editor, is available here.

There will be times when you do not want a scene to be timed. You may want it to change only when a new event occurs. In that case you need the Event Editor.

Ah is time to go to Lesson 6 

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