VR Lesson 1

Virtual Reality


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Teacher Activities are in blue

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Lesson One

Part A: Introduction  5 min

Pose the question "What is reality?".

Consider question

Call on students to contribute their answers.

Contribute response

Direct class to write down their own response to the question.

Write down response

Explain that today’s lesson is on the principles and ramifications of Virtual Reality.

Explain that tomorrow they will be looking at VR in detail

Part B: Body 25 min

Describe Augmentation of Reality

Describe CAVES

Describe Immersion

Write down terms

Show Power Point Presentation

Write down content of PP

Discuss Interactionism: Does a person experience a difference between a total (inclusive of spiritual) reality or if the mind is convinced is a reality complete?

Discuss Functionalism; Does it matter if reality is virtual if the mind is convinced

Facilitate class discussion

Class discussion VR

Activity to sum up lesson 

Ask students to write down three major issues from discussion

Write 3 things they learned

Call on students to provide examples from their list and also described what items are.

Write homework instructions

Conclusion 10min

Set homework. Students are to write a paragraph on what aspects of Virtual Reality they think will have the most impact and state why they think this / or to write a paragraph on what interests them the most about VR and why


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