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Lesson Three

Part A: Introduction 5 min

Reiterate process for today's lesson, as described in previous lesson

Students to confirm understanding of task and have an opportunity for questions

Divide students into groups based on the genre of their question.

Form into groups based on questions categories

Facilitate group sharing of questions

Contribute questions to group

Part B: Body

Facilitate groups commencing exploration and research process

All individual students are to log on (where this is possible) or, 

Group to share a computer

Surf to find answers to questions and share answers within group

Develop list of unanswered questions

Facilitate class discussion

Students to share what their questions were and what answers they discovered

Activity to sum up lesson 10 min

Ask students for Q & A

Share examples

Students to provide examples from their research

Write down unanswered questions


Develop a list of unanswered questions

Devise processes buy which these questions might be answered

Participate in developing solutions

Devise processes buy which these questions might be answered

Write possible answers

Divide unanswered questions and processes for providing answers between students and set as homework. so that students can engage in appropriate further research, eg:

emailing to relevant authorities 

Library Research 

posting to newsgroup

Note: This activity could provide a fourth lesson if desired.

Write down task


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