VR Rationale

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Subject:  Information Processing Technology  Year Level: Year 12

IPT Syllabus Area: Social and Ethical Issues

IPT Subject Matter: IS AP AI CS

Time: 3 x 40 minutes

Aim: At the completion of this lesson students should have developed an understanding 

of some of the social issues raised by VR and be aware of the extent of research and

commerce occurring within this genre.


By the end of these three lessons students should be able to: -

     Define VR and comment on the social issues raised by VR Technology

     Comment on the scale and type of research and commercial applications for VR

     Develop considered responses to questions about the future application of VR

     Develop considered responses to questions about the nature of human perception

Key Concepts:

     VR Mechanisms

     Type of activities undertaken with VR

     Level of global activity in regards to VR

     Concepts of reality

Materials / Resources: Computer and data screen to show PowerPoint presentation


  • Computers for student use in viewing URL's.
  • PowerPoint Presentation – Overview of VR
  • Overhead version of PP slide and presentation in case of technological problem

Students Prior Knowledge: None assumed

Process: Individual and group work


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