Web Site Evaluation

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Key Concepts:

          Introduction to website evaluation issues

          Introduction to website evaluation principles

          Practical evaluation skills

          Social and Ethical implications

Syllabus Areas

     Computer Systems

          Internet use, misuse, censorship and veracity of information

     Information systems

         power of search systems on massive databases

         content and control of information on the world wide web & other databases

     Algorithms and Programming

         copyright and intellectual property

         distribution of software, freeware, shareware and licences

     Artificial Intelligence



Web Site Evaluation requires an understanding of the criteria applicable to design in this medium. I have developed a slide show for teachers to use when discussing these criteria.

Resource: Power Point Slide Show


It is important that students are able to have experience in evaluating for themselves. A conventional method is to visit and analyse web sites. This is useful and I have included a proforma to assist this.

Resource:  Web Evaluation Proforma

There are other methods that are equally if not more effective, which revolve around learning and then developing good design. Ideally students should 'create to properly appreciate'.   How much detail you might want to go into here, depends on you. If you are expecting a more extensive period may be available, you can link to a number of pages covering topics related to multimedia (including web site) design.

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If your time is more restricted then use the power point slide show as a medium for delivering information and stimulating classroom discussion, and follow it up with actual site analysis by using the proforma.

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