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This activity is primarily developed to encourage exploration of social systems and technological infrastructure. Students work in a hypothetical situation where technology is threatened and using the Internet as a basic research tool, investigate systems infrastructure and social dependence on IT. Students focus on how society currently uses technology and research what preparations are made for protection from disruption and what types types of organisations are involved,  summarise and report their findings. 

This process of exploration of technology and social influences and the tight integration of computer skills required can be adapted to suit other curriculum areas. 

There are examples of possibilities for processes for this below:

1. If students are also studying legal Studies, focus may be able to be directed towards understanding government structure and identification of  the organisations responsible for  legal and defensive preparations.

2. This study is also highly suitable for Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence in the Computer Studies /Information Processing and Technology curriculum. 

3. For students studying Ancient History, contrast and comparison between how we solve our needs, and how similar needs were solved by prior civilisations reinforces comparative thinking across history.

4. This program has application to Economics curriculum if approached with a focus on research for Statistical Analysis purposes.

5. Given the advent of computing is a derivative of 19th Century science, the unit modules could easily be reinterpreted and adapted to provide an interesting research project relevant to Modern History.

Discussions with teachers responsible for other curriculum areas should facilitate appropriate integration of this unit with other curriculum areas to provide both re-use of these modules within other curriculum areas and effective cross-curricular activities. 


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