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Lesson 1

Resource 1 Timeline PDF File. Information Technology from a historical perspective. 

Resource 1a Computing History Web Links

Lesson 2

Resource 2 Government and the Internet Web Links 

Lesson 3

Resource 3 Systems Web Links 

Lesson 4

Resource 4 Report Proforma 1. 

Lesson 5

Resource 5 Global Region Maps

Nth America  |  Africa and Europe  |  South America  |  North Asia (including USSR)  |  

Asia Pacific  |  Asia  |  


Lesson 6

Resource 6 At this point video provides a good resource and the array of possibilities is enormous. I have chosen an Odyssey Chronicles film on the 1939 New York World Fair as it addresses futurism in a very interesting light. 

Another strong contender was the Warner Bros video 'The Matrix', directed by The Wachowski Brothers.  There are a number of short clips in this film appropriate to this stage of the unit. Other appropriate videos may include certain scenes from 2001, Blade Runner etc. Many other forms of stimulating material would be appropriate at this point.

Lesson 7

Resource 7 Three storyline scenarios. 

Lesson 8

Resource 8a Society and Information Technology Web Links. 

Resource 8b (Download)

Lesson 9

Statistics: Australian Business Use of Computers 1997  

Statistics: Australian Business Use of Internet 1997 

Lesson 10

Resource 10 Report Proforma 2

Lesson 11

Resource 11a Culture and Identity Word Search 

Resource 11b Culture and Identity Word Search Solution

Lesson 12

Resource 12 Government Web Links B

Lesson 13

Resource 13 Culture and Identity Web Links  

Lesson 14

Resource 14a Win As Much As You Can Instructions. 

Resource 14b Win As Much As You Can Proforma. 

Lesson 15

Resource 15 Community Information Poster proforma 

Lesson 16

Resource 16 Images Note: These are very large images and will take approximately one minute each to download. They will open in a new window.

Image: Technological Fix 1  Image: Technological Fix 2 


Picture Analysis | Picture Comprehension | Picture Interpretation

Lesson 17

Resource 17 Place and Space Web Links 

Lesson 18

Resource 18 Place and Space proforma 3 (suggestions only). 

Lesson 19

Resource 19 Peace Web Links 

Lesson  20

Resource 20a Oral Presentation Proforma

Resource 20b PowerPoint Proforma (A ready-to-go Power point Template for this module topic)




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