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Australia and the Online Economy

Statistics and International Benchmarking

NOIE (National Office Information Economy) is working to improve the availability of reliable and timely data on developments in the information economy in Australia, to both chart the uptake of e-commerce and benchmark Australia's position in the information economy against other countries.

Information Security


Dry Information but useful to see the level of control (or attempted control) that Governments manifest in relations to security. This site includes Australian Communications Electronic security Instructions, Security Guidelines for Australian Government IT systems, Policy Plans and Guidelines, Risk Management Strategies, etc.


International Relations and Security Network  Go to the ISN education reference database in which users can find information and educational modules for students of international relations.

E-Conflict Country information from around the world.  A resource for business, tourists, students and teachers.   A good internet source of country data.

Australia and the United Nations UN related areas, in which Australia has made significant contributions and remains actively engaged, are explored at this site. Information is presented about Australia's contribution in areas such as international security and disarmament, environment, human rights, targeted development programs, agriculture, refugees and international nuclear safeguards.

Information Research: United Nations Information This site is designed as a research tool, to find information about the United Nations. Some of the resources include: UN Internet Resources; Library; UN Depository Libraries; and Readex CD-rom Index to United Nations Documents and Publications.

United Nations Association of Australia The organisation is involved in a number of programs and activities, dealing with a wide range of issues such as indigenous cultures, the environment, world population, refugees, nuclear and chemical weapons, terrorism, child labour, foreign aid, and others. 

United Nations CyberSchoolBus A directory of fun and educational resources which provides information on different countries, the United Nations, games and puzzles to do and teaching resources on Curriculum areas, e.g. cities, diseases and telecommunications.

The Commonwealth Knowledge Network (CKN) This website provides country-specific information, on sharing of knowledge and resources using modern information and communication technologies.

NOIE's Bandwidth Page The National Bandwidth Inquiry is a major Commonwealth Government study into the likely availability and price of bandwidth in Australia over the next five years. The page also provides links to other bandwidth related activities in Australia and elsewhere.

Putting Australia on the New Silk Road The 'New Silk Road' project, undertaken by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, seeks to identify elements of a successful international online trading environment. Policy related resources and other relevant sites are also available. Australia's E-commerce Report Card Australia's E-commerce Report Card, outlining where Australia is at in the development of e-commerce solutions and the introduction of new business models. 



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