National Council for Vocational Education Research 

A South Australia-based organisation which provides research, evaluation and statistical information to a wide range of stakeholders who have an interest in vocational education and training.

VET in Schools Agreement-(SA)   

This Manual provides advice to schools and Institutes of TAFE on the establishment, operation and maintenance of VISAs.  The term VISA refers to VET in Schools Agreements for the delivery of vocational education and training by schools and under the auspices of the Minister for Education, Children's Services and Training (for non government schools) or TAFE SA (for government schools). Essentially, VISAs replace the Memorandums of Agreement entered into previously by schools and Institutes of TAFE under the former VET in SACE Arrangements which commenced in 1996.  

Vocational Education & Assessment Centre    

The Vocational Education and Assessment Centre (VEAC) is one of Australia’s foremost research centres in vocational education and training (VET). Operating within Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, it is a leader in research, resource development and training for teachers and assessors. Its clients and project partners include educational institutions, companies, industry organisations and government agencies.

Vocational Education Community Online

Vocational  Education Community Online is a collection of Internet based projects and activities, building online communities for those involved in VET in Schools programs in Australia especially structured workplace learning program coordinators. These online communities foster communication, sharing of resources, development of professional networks and recognition of achievement through the use of Internet and communications technologies including email and World Wide Web tools. VECO began in 1997, with a new approach to providing support and networking opportunities for coordinators of structured workplace learning programs. Initiated by the Australian Student Traineeship Foundation (ASTF) VECO is run in partnership with Aussie SchoolHouse.



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