As well as the list below, check the Ozedweb list of  Teachers Web Sites

Adopt, Adapt, Share

Adopt, Adapt, Share provide units of work published by Programs and Curriculum Services Group as a part of its service to classroom teachers. Relevant to all areas of study, these units build to a substantial practical resource for teachers at all levels of schooling. All Adopt, Adapt, Share units assist teachers to plan and program their students' learning using the Curriculum Statements and profiles. As they are developed, a master copy of each unit is distributed free to departmental schools. This copy may be photocopied for use by departmental teachers. Teachers are invited to submit units for publication in this series.

Argot Library of Educational Resources

Argot Library is a list of web sites for educators.

Ask Blake

A site dedicated to the provision of lesson plans and resources for educators, focusing on primary school ages.

AskEric or AskEric Virtual Lessons

An emporium of education resources and lessons so large that I ...ahhh...don't know what to say. Check it out.

Behind The News

ABC Educational site providing Behind The News Information. A great springboard for media or social studies.


A library of 'Blue Ribbon' Educator Resources


The more you know, the more you info on everything from atoms to wave cycles in a colourful interactive site with movies.

Classroom Connect

Free community resource for educators. Share insights, find new lesson plans, or visit the links to materials for educators.

Congo Trek

This resource comes complete with links for lessons for primary to High School studies. Follow Fay as he, "... begins his journey in a wilderness preserve (that) he helped create—Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of the Congo. 'We will cross a total of about six through roads, and one railroad track.' Heading southwest, a team surveys and films animals and plants that may well become threatened as humans press into the wilds. "

By expressing their ideas in writing and art, children find new ways of exploring their world and making important connections with others. The lessons plans in this site will help you guide students in recognizing that creative communication involves not only language and visual arts, but social studies, science and math. 

Curriculum Corporation

Curriculum Corporation works in the education sector and is owned by all Australian State, Territory and Commonwealth Ministers of Education. The company develops products and services to help schools improve student learning. The company supports schools in several ways. It assists in improving classroom learning with a wide range of curriculum materials based on best practice teaching. These include traditional materials: books, video and audio tapes, posters and kits. They also include materials using new media: a very extensive web site, CD ROMs and other digital resources.

Early Childhood Thematic Units

These units are designed and published through a Technology Grant Project supported by the San Bernardino County Schools, Special Services, Special Education Division. The intent of this Grant is to design Early Childhood Thematic Units that incorporate technology throughout the curriculum.


A virtual resource centre of earth science resource information and contacts for teachers, home educators and students of all levels. Resources on evolution, conservation, global change, energy, planets and space, geoscience careers, and other topics are listed and described in a database which users can search by topic, resource type, region, grade or title.


Extensive resources divided into the following areas:  Primary-Grades-Resources |  Higher-Education  |  K-12-Resources  |  Libraries  |  Educational-Newsgroups


EdNA is just what its name implies – an Australian network of education services. EdNA is Australian in every sense: it originated in Australia and is for Australian educators and learners. The site is organised around Australian curriculum, its tools are free to Australian educators and it is funded by the bodies responsible for education provision in Australia – all Australian governments. It is a network in several senses. EdNA Online is a Website pointing to thousands of resources identified and contributed by Australian educators. It networks the bodies responsible for Australian education. Discussions and noticeboards are offered on the site, making it a meta-network of Australian education practitioners. Its services create communities of educators online – further networks. EdNA covers the schools, vocational education and training, adult community education and higher education sectors. Through the EdNA forums, the Australian education systems and sectors collaborate on a range of online education, communications and information technology issues – a powerful network.

EdNA Showcase

Students from across Australia were invited to submit their online work for this showcase extravaganza. This was a wonderful way to showcase student online work to the rest of Australia and the world. It was also a great opportunity to provide students with a national audience and have their web sites reviewed by web professionals. You can explore the EdNA Student Showcase site to find student work in categories according to sector:

Higher Education  |  Schools Education  |  VET/TAFE & ACE

English Exercises -  Quiz's - Tests & Games

Includes the Quiz and Trivia WebRing. Find a quiz, or develop your own.

FREE - Federal Resources For Educational Excellence (USA)

Hundreds of education resources supported by agencies across the U.S

US based site offering free worksheets. Currently there are over 4500+ free worksheets on this website and the site continues to add worksheets on a regular basis.

Ganders Academy

Theme-Related Resources on the World Wide Web


The Gateway to Educational Materials Project is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education's National Library of Education, and is a special project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology. You can browse through lists organized by subject; browse through lists organized by keywords; or search by subject, keyword, title, or grade level

Homework Central

Explore over 10,000 study subjects linked to 75,000 scholar-selected Internet resources.

How Stuff Works

Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you.

InfoVision Mediagram

A web site of resource information for all teachers. It also includes an easy to use multimedia authoring tool for schools called Mediagram V3.2 which can be downloaded from this site, software that is good for presentations / project work.

Kids Solutions

KidSolutions offers a framework, and resources support, to assist teachers to adopt problem-based approaches to learning and teaching which provide student-centredness while fulfilling the demands of assessment and accountability. In attempting to meet and to reconcile these two demands, teachers are presented with a great variety of options, and considerable challenges. 

Knowledge Network Explorer  (Pacific Bell Education First - California)

Aiming to help teachers and librarians, Knowledge Network Explorer offers Wired Learning in the Classroom and Library, a robust set of free online learning activities, tools, and resources. Additionally there are the sites Blue Web'n,  Filamentality, and Videoconferencing for Learning. There are also other lessons and learning resources for the library and classroom. If you're looking for ideas on how to best use the Knowledge Network Explorer, check out the Site Guide.

A free access educational website for teachers, parents and learners of all ages. It offers practical help in the classroom, information about professional development opportunities, learning resources, and help for learners of all ages to improve their education.

Learn Vocabulary Syndicate

Learning vocabulary can be fun for everyone! Compete for prizes in bimonthly word puzzle contests. Enjoy grade specific puzzles, comic strips, word games and many other ways to sharpen your skills.

Lesson Plan Links

A wonderful and comprehensive set of links compiled by Gleason Sackmann and sponsored by Classroom Connect. Too extensive to really cover in detail with links ranging from Apple Computers to Web Resources. If you are searching for lesson plans or classroom resources this is a great place to make your first stop.

Lesson Plans Page

The Lesson Plans Page is a collection of over 450 free lesson plans for teachers to use in their classrooms. The site is easy to navigate with lesson plans organized by subject and grade level. Users can search for lesson plans on specific topics.

Lesson Stop

Within the 7 subject area pages, you'll find about 500 links to web sites organized by topic and grade level, which provide access to thousands of lesson plans.

Middle Web   

A World Wide Web site exploring the challenges of middle school reform, and including resources for educators and parents.


Here's this thing called the web. Connect it to classrooms. Can you make the most of it? Many educators find themselves pondering this wonderful dilemma right now. Tom March provides many of the answers educators need to make the most of the web. A deep site so take the time to explore it. 


This site is a starting point for Australian teachers who want to use the Internet for professional development and curriculum purposes.

NeuroScience For Kids

This site has been created for all students and teachers who would like to learn more about the nervous system. Enjoy the activities and experiments on your way to learning more about the brain and spinal cord.

Premium Links

The main outlet for this endeavour is a free, weekly e-mail newsletter. Every Thursday morning, subscribers receive (directly in their inbox) links to five of Byron Bytesworth's favourite sites. 


Lessons, materials, chat and education news (US Based)

Reaching Every Child   

In this site Horace Mann has teamed up with National Teacher's Hall of Fame inductee, Alan Haskvitz, to produce a web site of resources for teachers and students. 


SOFWeb is an initiative of the Victorian Department of Education's Curriculum Development and Learning Technologies Department. SOFWeb has become one of the richest and most heavily used educational web sites in the world (according to their own site). It not only carries information produced specially for Victorian schools, but also points to the best resources in other states and countries.


Study Web  

Education resources divided by category sorted according to the approximate appropriate grade level. The information for each topic also notes the presence of downloadable or printable images for use as visual aids of school reports or projects. The variety of subjects and categories should allow most users to narrow in on a topic for a report, find background material for a story, begin research for a paper or just increase their knowledge of a particular topic.

Surfing The Net With Kids

Syndicated newspaper columnist, mother, wife and Net surfer supreme (not listed in order of importance, of course) Barbara Feldman has developed extensive site reviews for kids and families.


Lesson Banks, Mail Ring Chat and Message Boards make this US based educators site well worth visiting.

Teaching Ideas (UK)

This site is for teachers who teach primary-age children (i.e. age 5 to 11). Although it has been designed with UK teachers in mind, ALL ideas can of course be used by teachers around the world.


The Daybook

A collaborative project between several non-profit organisations and operated by volunteer teachers, the site incorporates a searchable database of online lesson plans. Teachers can print out lesson plans and submit teaching ideas for all K-12 subject areas.

Zoom School

Zoom School is an on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities.



The Links below are still in the process of being reviewed: