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Analysing the Webquest Process

Do yourself a favour and go visit some of the other introductory links, become acquainted with the Webquest format, and then come back to this one to do some in-depth analysis – great activity

Building Blocks

Step by step tutorial which takes you through each component of a Webquest so that you can build your own; easy to follow lay-out, visually pleasing

Elementary School Webquest Evaluation

Another activity for those who are already acclimated to Webquests; compare and contrast six Webquests to more deeply appreciate the format and its potential


The quintessential website for creating digital lesson formats: hotlists, treasure hunts, scrapbooks, samplers and Webquests – each a highly structured teacher tool which ensures your success as you develop your own effective activities.

How to Design Your Own Webquest

Bill Biles developed this online module for the Memphis, Tennessee Public Schools to help his teachers successfully construct their own Webquests; familiar links built in as hypertext to help in the process

Introduction to Project-Based Learning

Marty Karlin of the Jackson, Oregon education service district has come up with this awesome set of six online training sessions to help you internalise the Webquest concept and successfully implement it in your
own instruction.

PowerPoint Presentation

Kathy Schrock devised this overview of Webquests based on Dodge’s work; great for use when introducing them to your staff or colleagues in general.

Rubric #1

Dodge’s suggested criteria and scale for assessing a Webquest – vital stuff here because you want a way to document your children’s progress as they work within this progressive structure – even Webquests can
provide accountability for teachers under the gun!

Rubric #2

Dr. Alice Christie at Arizona State University offers these six examples of Webquest rubrics – hey…..you’ve got options!

Some Thoughts About Webquests

Here Dodge explains the nuts and bolts of a Webquest; written in 1997, this page also touts a couple of prime examples of powerful Webquests to illustrate his point

Template #1

OK, they couldn’t make it much easier for you than this - select which html format you wish to work with: no frames, frames with text links, or frames with graphic text rollovers – just fill in the blanks!

Template #2

So you don’t want all the choices Template #1 offers? Here’s one from the Clinton, Michigan Public Schools you just cut and paste into your word processor and then follow the directions – piece of cake!

A Webquest about Webquests

Dodge has created two webquests here: one for elementary and the other for secondary teachers; the idea is to learn the format by participating in an actual Webquest

The Webquest Page

Webquest Central from San Diego State University, where creator Bernie Dodge continues to refine the Webquest concept; lots of great examples and training materials too

Windaroo Webquests

(Castle Discovery, Flight Discovery, Shuttle Discovery, Robot Discovery, Egyptian Discovery, Volcano Discovery and Lunar Discovery)

Webquest King Tutankhamun: Was it murder?

Waterford West Webquests

(State of the State, Communication and Change.)

Themes and Webquests

("Our Friend the Frog" etc)

The Webquest page

Includes a search facility, FAQ plus links to examples of WebQuests grouped by Year Level.

Webquest on Global Warming

Developed and used with a Yr 10 Science Process class. (Tony Lynch Helensvale SHS)

Webquests and online research

Trinity College's site with plenty of good information about effective use of the internet for research.

Australian Webquests

A collection of Australian WebQuests listed by author and description of content.

Oz Webquests

How to create one, evaluate one, use one & links to lots (including Filimentality & other tools)!


What does it mean to be an Australian?

A Primary web quest developed by Cheryl Kerr, Beenleigh State School, Queensland.

Indigenous Studies

An Australian WebQuest developed by Moira Curtain based around the issues of Reconciliation.


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Webquest Archives

Online research Modules

A great page developed by Mark Gillow West Morton District. Includes lots of links.

Future PD

A well set out listing of webquests- particularly Australian quests.


Edhelper currently have over 1,000 Webquests and 6,200 Lesson Plans.These include Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and many more resources.

Creating Web based Lessons

American sites (Region 20) with good links to WebQuests and ideas for their use in the classroom.

Webquest Matrix

Another American site (Region 2) with a huge range of webquests organised by Year Level (K to 12) and by subject area. Worth a visit.

Webquests and Resources for Teachers

An American site with a selection of WebQuests which would suit all students, particularly History students. Topics include the Vietnam War, the Depression, MoonQuest, and lots of great links.


An American collection of sites: includes Ancient Egypt, Body Systems, Let's Travel to Paris, The Titanic, etc and lots of useful links including tools.

Discovery School Webquest page

A site that has links to lots of webquests - all from US

schools and colleges. A large range of webquest topics.

Berks County, Pennsylvania

A showcase of WebQuests which have been developed at the Berks County Intermediate Unit during T-N-T (Teachers-N-Technology) workshops and Pennsylvania Department of Education In-service Courses.

Elementary Science

These WebQuests were designed and compiled by students at the University of Northern Iowato combine hands-on science learning activities with website technology. They were designed to be used in a learning centre format to accompany the respective units of study. 

Internet Project Links

An enormous collection of Internet Project links, including WebQuests.

Macomb Independent School District

Macomb Independent School District collection of WebQuests, created during a three day In-service in the Summer of 1997.

Spartanburg, South Carolina

A collection of WebQuests and WebQuest archives compiled by the Spartanburg County (School District Three),  located in the eastern part of Spartanburg County in northwest South Carolina.

Ultimate Webquest Website

The WebQuest site offers a great deal of background and support for writing WebQuest projects. It even provides a template for student's and teacher's pages.

The WebQuests Page

This site is designed to serve as a resource to those who are using the WebQuest model to teach with the web. The sites points to excellent examples and collecting materials developed to communicate the WebQuest concept.

University of New Mexico

A collection of WebQuests notable for the fact that it suggests an appropriate target audience for each quest.

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Webquests Individual Quests  

African Art

American Revolution


Backyard Bugs


Economic Forecasting


Fifty States (USA)


Great Depression

Hello Dolly (Cloning)

Iditarod (USA)

Immigration Today -(USA)


Jamestown (USA)


Museum of Natural History

Prehistoric Animals

Radio Days

Searching for China



Webquest for Educators

Westward Movement

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