Absurd Math - http://www.hrmvideo.com/abmath/

When the world wide web was created, doorways were opened to other

dimensions. Net surfers run the risk of being sucked into one of those

dimensions. Excellent problem solving simulation and lots of fun for the

participants - links to other similar software



Online lessons and activities offer math resources for students in

elementary, middle school or high school. Short lessons (explanations) are

followed by interactive activities. Includes puzzles & solutions. The

bookstore links to math books on Amazon.com

Basket Math - http://www.scienceacademy.com/BI/index.html Clicking any of

the questions in the Table of Contents (from basic facts to more

sophisticated problems) will result in a mathematics question and animation.

If you answer the question correctly you will make two points; correct

answer shown if wrong


Brain Warp #3 - http://www.spaceday.com/bw3/

Simulated flight to the middle of the universe using mathematics to figure

out how far one would travel in a jumbo jet given a set amount of time -

kids experiment with different units of time to determine how long their

journey would take.....excellent exercise in estimation

Changemaker - http://www.funbrain.com/cashreg/index.html A Funbrain

simulation in which students can practice making change for a dollar or for

one-hundred dollars; the more change you make correctly the more you get to

put in your piggy bank with the reward being able to shop for goodies at the

conclusion of the game

Clever Games for Clever People -

http://www.cs.uidaho.edu/~casey931/conway/games.html Sure you can use Math

to describe game strategies, but what about using games to teach the nature

of Math? John Conway's theory set out to do just that; this site offers

directions for 16 games which can be used in the K-12 classroom to sharpen

critical thinking skills

Fibonacci Puzzles -

http://www.mcs.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/R.Knott/Fibonacci/fibpuzzles.html You

want sophisticated patterns for your students to study? This site's got

them: image and number puzzles based on Mathematics split into simpler and

harder degrees of difficulty

Fractals - http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/frac/

This page will help you learn about fractals: what they are and how to

design them, but it will also let you discover more on your own; play a part

in the interactive fractal creation center, designing and displaying

fractals you have invented - too cool!

Interactive Math - http://www.cut-the-knot.com/

Games and puzzles, arithmetic and algebra, geometry, probability, fast

reckoning, mathematics as a language, proofs in mathematics, the many ways

to construct a triangle - and many teacher ideas and activities

Internet Pizza Server -

http://www.crpc.rice.edu/CRPC/GT/sboone/Lessons/Titles/pizza.html A creative

Math lesson which makes use of a web site which creates cyber pizzas to your

order; you will see other applications for its use once you take a look


Math Baseball - http://www.funbrain.com/math/index.html Enter the answer to

the problem and hit the "Swing" button, if your answer is correct you get a

hit - the computer will decide if the hit is a single, double, triple, or

home run based on the difficulty of the problem; if your answer is wrong,

you will get an out - the game is over after three outs.

Math Never Dies - http://library.thinkquest.org/17932/ "You have infiltrated

the secure site of the Hex Agency. Your mission, if you choose to accept it,

is to track down international criminals using your Math skills"; covers

algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

Mathpuzzle.com - http://www.mathpuzzle.com/

Weekly math puzzles with solutions discussed at length each following week;

examples of past puzzles include Chaos Tiles, Dissecting Convex Figures,

Domino Games, Eternity Puzzle, Fair Dice, Diamonds, Leapers, Multistate

Mazes, Parity, Pentagon Tiling, Philosopher Logic, Phonetic Alphabet and

Word Play