Middle Ages Links

Middle Ages Links

Below are some annotated links which lead to a variety of carefully selected Medieval History areas. No site on this list contains offensive or inappropriate material, however due care must be taken with the any links subsequently followed from these initial sites.

The first 6 links each have a set of questions, derived from the junior secondary school text book, J., Eshuys., V, Guest., J, Lawrence., Tracing History: Discovering The Past, Jacaranda Press, Melbourne, 1982

The second set of links provide further research options.


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  • Castles on the Web

 On Castles

Link to Question Set 1

Take a virtual tour of a castle.

  • Technology In the Middle Ages


  • Medieval Science and Technology
On Inventions and Technology

 Link to Question Set 2

Technology in the Middle Ages - From Arabic numbers to wheelbarrows... 

Medieval Science and Technology - Take a tour with NETserf 

  • The Lost Medieval Village


  • Medieval Timber Framed Houses


  • A Virtual Tour of Gothic Cathedrals


 On Villages, Towns and Cathedral Buildings

Link to Question Set 3

The Lost Village - A little medieval village that still exists. 

Medieval Houses - Just how were they made?

Gothic Cathedrals - Buildings of graceful splendour...take a virtual tour.

  • The Crusades in Art


  • How a Man Shall be Armyd


  •  Archaeological Quest for King Arthur  
 On Knights and Chivalry

Link to Question Set 4

The Crusades in Art - the name says it all...

Just what armour did a Knight wear?

Was there really a King Arthur...?

  • Medieval Science


  • The Black Death
On Medieval Science and Medicine  

Link to Question Set 5

Medieval Science - Dry, but thorough.

The Black Death - Bubonic Battle

  • The Burning Times


  • Trial By Ordeal
 On Witches and Trial by Ordeal

Link to Question Set 6

Witches burning...scary... Trial by ordeal - rough 'justice'?

  • A Hundred Highlights


  • The Annenburg Collection

Medieval Art & Craft - Yummy!


A wee bit of everything on Feudal Life.

  • Greg Egan's Religious Studies


The Church played an important role in Medieval History. Start here to read about Christian religious history.
  • The Medieval Source Book
...and now for something completely serious.
  • The Labyrinth
This site is HUGE...err...and scholarly.




Grey scale image of a castle


Question Set 1 On Castles  

1) Explain what type of political system castles were designed to support.

2) Explain why castles changed from being made of wood to being made of stone. Explain what this change suggests was happening in society at the time.

3) Eventually castles stopped being an effective form of defence. What impact do you think this change would have had on society?

4) Draw a picture of a castle, then describe 10 different architectural parts of your castle that are related to defence. Write an explanation of the function of each part.

5) Imagine you are a visiting a castle. Whole you are there, two events happen. A peasant is hanged for stealing while at the same time a wedding is held for a local Noble. Describe your experiences in a letter to a friend, explaining what you have seen and what you think about it.

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Technology Symbol


Question Set 2

Go to this site and then choose 'Timeline'. 

1) Write the name and then describe 10 different inventions that you think would have created a significant change for people in the Middle Ages. 

2) Write an explanation of who you think these inventions would have had an impact upon and how they might have been affected.

3) Draw a picture of  5 different inventions, explain how they were used in the Middle Ages and then explain what you think would have been done before these inventions were made. 

4) Who do you think developed most of the inventions in the Medieval period? Explain why you think this.

5) Many people think that science did not develop greatly during the Medieval period. Do you agree or disagree? Explain why.

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Medival Street and Buildings


Question Set 3

Use this link to answer the following questions.

1) Draw a picture of three different types of Medieval houses and explain how the various parts were built. What conclusions can you draw about medieval life from looking at the three drawings you have made?

2) What are some of the common features found in many medieval villages? How did these features impact on people living in the villages.

3) What problems does a modern town have that were not present in the towns of the Middle Ages?  What problems did a town in the Middle Ages have that are not present (or are at least better dealt with) in a modern town? 

4) Why do you think people in the same trade generally worked in the same part of town?

5) Draw a map of an imaginary Medieval town and explain what the various parts of your map are showing. Write a short statement about how you would feel if you were living in this town.

6) What are the main features of Gothic Cathedrals? How do these features reflect the authority and ambitions of the Church at the time? Do you think people would have been affected by the type of buildings the Church constructed?

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Knight with Shiled Standing


Question Set  4 On Knights and Chivalry

1) What role did knights play in Medieval society?

2) What type of society do you think may have developed without Knights?

3) Draw a picture of  5 pieces of a Knights armour and explain their purpose. Why do you think Knights  needed armour like this? Do you think there were any alternatives to this type of battle?

4) Why did the Knights change from using light mail armour to using heavy plate armour? What does this suggest about society at that time.

5) Can you find out what great order of knights still exists today? Why would such an order still exist?

6) What is chivalry? Why was chivalry important to knights? What do you think of the idea of 'Chivalry'?

7) What is a joust?  Who would attend a joust? Why were jousts held? Is there anything in our current societies that are similar and if so, what, and how are they similar?

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Medical Symbol Pink on Green


Question Set 5 Medieval Science and Plagues in the Middle Ages

1) Name four different types of substance or events that European Medieval people believed would cure an ill person. Explain what each shows us about European society in the Middle Ages.

2) Draw a picture of a Doctor performing an operation on a patient in the Middle Ages and show what medical tools they used. What things are different about how we practise medicine today? Is anything still the same or similar? 

3) Why did medical 'science' not develop very much during the Middle Ages? Who or what organisation/s were responsible for restricting it?

4) Why were people in cities more likely to catch the plague than people in the country?  What was this plague transported by (i.e.: what carried the plague around besides people) ?  Is there anything in today's society like the Bubonic Plague? If so, what, and how is it similar?

5) Imagine you are a reporter. Write a newspaper report telling the public about the details of the plague.

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Black Witch on White


Question Set 6 The Witches Burning

1) What did people believe a witch was?

2) What belief was trial by ordeal based on? Why were priests involved in these trials? What does this tell you about politics?

3) How did people of Noble classes prove their innocence? Why was this different to how a peasant would be forced to prove their innocence? What do you think of this difference?

4) Imagine you are the leader of a village and a woman you know has been accused of witchcraft? Would you decide whether or not she was a witch? If you would, how would you do it? If you would not, how would you explain why you would not? How do you think people might react to this?

5) When was the last witch burned? Explain what you think this tells you about the Medieval period and about people today.

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